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Faster Apartment Building Internet Is Available Today

Today, Rocket Networks can connect your apartment building to faster internet. Without the NBN.

Instead of fibre to the basement (FTTB), as with NBN, we supply fibre though the air, using the latest high speed fixed wireless technology.
Connecting most apartment buildings to high speed internet with high speed Fixed Wireless Broadband.

Connecting apartment buildings with high speed internet from 20 to 1000 apartments, at speeds from 25, 50, 100 and even up to 200 Mbps, all with unlimited data downloads.

To get connected, ask us how, or request you body corporate or building manger to contract us today to have your apartment building connected to rocket fast internet.

Access Almost Any Apartment Building

The Rocket Broadband Website has all the information and pricing details for Apartment Building services. www.RocketBroadband.com.au

Benefits Apartment Building Internet Services Tenants and owners

  • Faster internet
  • Higher speeds
  • Fast installs
  • Flexible Contracts
  • Low congestion.
  • Plans starting at $59.00 per month

Benefits of Apartment Building Internet Services For Building Owners/ and Body Corporate Managers

  • No cost internet services for building CCTV, BMS & Security
  • Common area WIFI options
  • More attractive for owners & tenants with higher speed internet
  • Flexible, as not locked into using our services
  • Fully supported and maintained by Rocket Networks
  • Great for short term leases
  • No cost base building install
Rocket Networks Apartment Building Internet Coverage

Need more information on our Apartment Building internet Services?

Ask your building manager or body corporate to give us a call

Call us on 1300 008 101

Network Traffic Restrictions

We operate a fair use policy and reserve the right to prioritise certain traffic types on the network. P2P type traffic is given a low priority to reduce unnecessary network traffic and discourage exposure to illegal activities.