Fixed Wireless Broadband

Rocket Networks Fast Fixed Wireless Broadband Services provide your business and staff with fast, reliable and efficient Fixed Wireless Internet. Fixed Wireless Broadband is great for businesses that lack access to fibre optic cable, DSL, or cable television lines or need backup/additional internet access on top of older copper networks.   

How Does Fixed Wireless Broadband Work?

Rocket Networks install a Fixed Wireless Antenna at the highest point in your local area. The Antenna makes use of radio technologies to transmit wireless signals to and from a smaller antenna installed on your premises. The advantage of this is that one Fixed Wireless Antenna can service multiple locations and businesses (within line of sight), perfect for large office parks, campuses with multiple buildings or various other situations. The number of connections does not affect speeds in the same way as with traditional copper networks so you can enjoy fast, reliable and secure internet at all times.

Benefits of Fixed Wireless Broadband:

  • Just like having a fibre connection with speeds up to 100Mbps.
  • Upgrade to faster speeds when required.
  • No Extra Phone Lines Needed
  • Friendly, local Customer Service Support
  • 12 month Contracts
  • Faster access to Cloud hosted services
  • Optional Backup Internet Service to your copper Internet network.

Remote Internet for Remote or Rural locations with limited or no adsl acess. Fixed Wireless Broadband by Rocket Networks