WiFi Internet for your Apartment Building

Everyone pays too much to have their own individual Internet connection, why not simplify the process as well as make it quicker and cheaper. This system is designed to be installed throughout multi floor apartment buildings. Talk to your body corporate or building owner today and get them in touch with us to find out more.

We install our services at a low cost to the building owner, providing tenants on-demand WiFi to each floor in the building. Tenants will no longer have to wait for installations, work out how to set-up a router or WiFi services, pay too much for to much data or worry about security. The whole process is managed and secured by Rocket Networks (ACMA Carrier License: 340) so no stress for anybody!

Rocket Networks Wifi Internet in Apartment Buildings

No Contract, No Obligation For Clients

Clients don’t get locked into a lengthy contract, use Rocket Networks Wifi Internet as you need and only pay per month. All you need to do is choose the download package that suits you, sign up and you’re connected!

Cheaper Options than ADSL or NBN Services

For the available speeds, downloads and no lock in contract, our prices are cheaper than the competition. Setup doesn’t cost you a thing, finally accessing the internet has been made easy.

Uncongested Internet

A typical ADSL connection is shared amongst 120 households (120:1 ratio) whereas we guarantee to never go above a 10:1 ratio. As more people connect, we upgrade our infrastructure.

WiFi Internet for your Apartment

We create a WiFi Hotspot system within your apartment building,

offering you the simplest, cheapest and fastest Internet access available!


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Benefits of WiFi Internet Services For Building Owners/Managers

  • Secure Connections on every account
  • Apartment Buildings are more attractive for owners / buyers& tenants.
  • Reduces overall WiFi noise across the site by reducing individual connections and devices.
  • Move to NBN / ADSL service anytime
  • Cabled Options Available on Request.
  • Fully supported and maintained by Rocket networks expert staff
  • Managed bandwidth for all users
  • Great for renters on short term leases with no contracts
  • Takes your building into the next level
  • Internet available in common areas

Benefits of Wifi Internet for Tenants and owners

  • No Install Costs, connect as soon as you arrive
  • Easy setup with simple sign up monthly payment options and access the internet straight away
  • No Contracts or Minimum Usage Periods
  • Purchase extra data anytime
  • Faster internet access then many shared NBN Fibre or ADSL because with lower congestion.
  • Options to increase monthly data usage
  • Connect up to 5 devices to the same account
  • First Month Free Internet plan get you started
  • Plans starting at $29.95 per month

Need more information on our Apartment Building WiFi Services? Give us a call to discuss your options Call us on 1300 008 101

Network Traffic Restrictions

We operate a fair use policy and reserve the right to prioritise certain traffic types on the network. P2P type traffic is given a low priority to reduce unnecessary network traffic and discourage exposure to illegal activities.

Selected Number of Devices

We are happy for you to connect to our wifi on Smart Phone, Tablet, Computer, Game Console and Smart TV, almost any wifi enabled deive. Service is capped to 5 devices using the network at once. This is to ensure the lower congestion on the network. Need more? Not a problem, we have solutions.

Flexible Internet

We can install individual routers in your home for increased range, or cable in your apartment for the fastest speeds available. Just call us to find a package to talk about a package that’s right for you.