Currum Downs Fixed Wireless Business Internet

Rocket Networks now operate a direct fixed wireless business Internet facility located in the heart of the Currum Downs business area. This facility can provide speeds up to 600 Mbps up to 5Kms and in some cases 10Kms Range. With fast business quality internet now a must for many businesses who operate from the cloud.

We can also connect your business if your located in the one of the many surrounding suburbs of Currum Downs , like Dandenong South, Dandenong, Sandhurst, Seaford and Seaford South.

If you are struggling to get fast speeds with a ADSL or NBN connections, you should consider switching to a Fixed Wireless connection and get direct, non contended high speed internet.

With Rocket Networks, you can get better than NBN speeds now .

The Currum Downs Fixed Wireless facility allows us to service the following locations:

Currum Downs
Dandenong South

Seaford South

Does your business fall in this area and need faster wireless internet?


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