Fixed Wireless Internet Adelaide

Rocket Networks is now servicing Adelaide business internet services through our fast fixed wireless broadband to Adelaide Metro and upon request to other Adelaide locations around SA.

Our fixed wireless broadband for the Adelaide metro area provides your business, staff and customers with quick, reliable and efficient Internet connection. Fixed Wireless Internet is great for businesses looking to obtain faster and larger capacity internet access to improve your network internet access.

Perfect for locations with no access to NBN or other Fibre Optic Internet services, your distance from the local exchanges is to great or no access to other copper services. Other reasons your business requires faster internet access are cloud hosted solutions which require faster access or in some cases operate as a backup internet service to your existing broadband internet services. Rocket Networks can provide Fixed Wireless Broadband Internet to most areas, (Site qualification required).

Business Internet Adelaide Service Area

Adelaide Business Internet Providers Fixed Wireless Broadband

Business Internet Adelaide

Business with a few to large staff volumes need more than just ADSL, Today fast and reliable Internet is a must for any business. Rocket Networks Wireless Broadband Internet deliver. Servicing Adelaide metro area within 15Km of the CBD, With speeds from 5 Mbps and up to 1 Gbps available (distance restrictions may apply).

  • Access Business files faster
  • Browse websites efficiently
  • Access most emails in seconds, not minutes
  • Higher volume for more access by more staff

  • Faster Backups for servers & workstations
  • High speed uploads for file transfers
  • Quicker Image loading
  • Reduced load at busy times with direct access

Does your Adelaide Business internet service need more speed ?

Rocket Networks 100 Mbps Business internet services in Adelaide when divided between 20 staff is around $3 per staff member per workday. The suggested average wage in Adelaide is $287.40 per day ($74,724 PA (2014 / 260 workdays PA).

$3 per day for a team of 20 staff for 100 Mbps unlimited access. Why wouldn’t you ?

With Adelaide businesses depending on internet access every minute of the day and for so many reasons, you want your broadband to be as fast as possible to benefit your staff, your customers, and your stress levels. Simply get more completed sooner with access to cloud, websites, emails and files faster.

Just because its cheaper, does not mean its better.

A recent customer with standard ADSL service for 20+ Staff, was hearing the daily complaints. You know them, “How slow the internet is today” – “Takes so long to download anything ”  –  “It takes a while to receive emails” sounds familiar ?

Overnight it all went away. not a word was mentioned as the problem was gone with the correct size internet for the Adelaide based business installed. Get your business on the right speed internet with Rocket Networks Business Broadband Services Adelaide.