Fast Internet

Rocket Networks is connecting your business with higher speed and lower cost internet services starting from $ 475 per month + Setup costs and with 10 to 100Mbps network access in most metro areas.Fast Internet  with Fixed Wireless Broadband from Rocket Networks

Rocket Networks can also setup fast internet connections to your multi-site business providing your entire business faster internet services than any current DSL service can provide. This can connect to your private business network to give your business the competitive edge. Your staff will thank you for this performance increase by not waiting when browsing the web, downloading files, accessing online applications or services.

Fibre installation costs can be prohibitive. We offer solutions to reduce the overall cost, especially in cases where multiple sites are using one connection, providing fast internet directly to your business premises.

How fast is your fast internet?

If you are curious as to what speeds you are currently getting, use our Internet Speed Checker, courtesy of InternetSpeedTest, to see. 

Internet Speed Test by Rocket Networks - get Fast Internet