Melbourne Internet Providers

Melbourne Internet Providers

Rocket Networks is a Melbourne Internet Provider with a focus on fast fixed wireless internet, offering fast business internet and highly customisable packages. Rocket Networks have a range of Wireless Internet Solutions for a wide array of situations using hybrid internet technologies. Hybrid Internet Technology uses both fibre optic networks and cellular wireless technology. Rocket Networks install an large antenna at a fixed wireless facility in your area and as long as your premises is within line of sight, a small antenna on your roof will send a receive the wireless internet signals.

Our of all of the Melbourne Internet Providers, Rocket Networks is using technology that will be used by the NBN in lots of areas where fibre networks are harder to install. Rocket Networks can install this in your area right now and give you amazing internet speeds of up to 100 mbps. Our high speed wireless internet is also good for providing a backup/additional service to traditional copper networks or for offering wireless internet in shopping centres, education campuses or temporary set ups for events or construction sites.

Melbourne Internet Providers – Rocket Networks

We are new, dynamic and ready to connect you.

12, 24 or 36 month Contract Options.

Over 25 years industry experience

Australian based business and Support Desk.

Currently in Melbourne, & new services in progress.

Schedule project builds for Sydney & Brisbane Areas.

Business services with large data allowances

Home Based services have flexible limits.

No support for illegal and copyright downloads.

All prices quoted on our site are Excluding GST.

Early termination for relocation’s of NBN Access

Terms and conditions apply to all contacts.

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